Storage of waste and aggregate within the whole area of Slovak Republic

Company´s mission is to recover and operate in the industry of disposing other than hazardous waste.Our company provides services in the area of waste disposal and its further recyclation with assistance of mobile devices. The goal of the company is to recover contruction waste to material which can be then used as a base for the road construction or other engineers constructions.

Company also tries to meet all clients requirements, respond flexibly to their needs, meet the statutory standards and be in accordance with the principle of sustainable development. Company disposes waste to prevent pollution and enviromental degradation and also tries to minimize enviromental impacts caused due to waste production. Company´s aim is to also used all waste in a maximum way before it´s disposed.

Locations of our landfills

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Storage of waste

In our premises we temporary store and recover the construction waste which is then sorted and further used in a construction industry.

Within a year 2009 / 2010 we used and incorporated into the process approx. 80 000/m3 of a construction waste. Thus adjusted materials are used as a sub base for road construction, footpaths, park spaces, hard surfaces and playgrounds. Futher using of waste prevents forming landfills, where the waste is not used in the next process anymore.