Stadium of Ondrej Nepela – storage of excavation

Spa Central Bratislava

Multifunctional building Pajštúnska Bratislava

Cycling stadium in Bratislava

Reduta Bratislava

Hospital of St. Michal

Ring road D-2 Stupava

Ring road Trnava II. part

Dairy products Zvolen Senoble

School of Economy Kosice

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Storage of waste

In our premises we temporary store and recover the construction waste which is then sorted and further used in a construction industry.

Within a year 2009 / 2010 we used and incorporated into the process approx. 80 000/m3 of a construction waste. Thus adjusted materials are used as a sub base for road construction, footpaths, park spaces, hard surfaces and playgrounds. Futher using of waste prevents forming landfills, where the waste is not used in the next process anymore.